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Joe Blackbourn, President and CEO


Joe Blackbourn founded Everest Holdings in 2002.  In twenty-five plus years in the real estate industry, Joe has had direct involvement with the investment side of transactions with aggregate value well in excess of $1 billion, including office buildings, master-planned communities, multifamily communities, shopping centers, hotel properties, business parks, mixed-use developments, residential land, commercial land, mortgage pools, and portfolios of distressed assets. His experience includes successful outcomes for many complex underwriting, capitalization and asset management challenges. Blackbourn has been directly involved in real estate assets that include approximately 1.5 million square feet of improved office buildings, 2,500+ hotel rooms, residential communities comprised of 7,500+ approved dwelling units and several millions of square feet of commercial FAR land. He estimates that these investments have produced an aggregate, weighted internal rate of return in excess of 30 percent.


Mr. Blackbourn holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and performed post-graduate work at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Arizona State University. He is active in the Urban Land Institute (ULI) as a member of a national product council and a past Chairman, Vice Chairman and Treasurer of the Arizona District Council.  He currently serves on ULI’s Executive Committee, Technical Advisory Panel (AZTAP) Committee and is its Advisor to YLG's Partnership Forum, ULI's model mentorship program.


Joe is a member of Lambda Alpha International and the National Association for Industrial and Office Parks.  He currently serves on the Board of Directors of First Place Arizona, an organization formed to develop a new residential prototype for adults with developmental disorders. 

Past service includes membership on Arizona State University’s Council for Design Excellence and service on the Boards of Directors for SARRC (Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center), the Advisory Board for ASU's Master in Real Estate Development transdisciplinary program, and Kivel Campus of Care, a leading continuous care facility serving the Jewish community of Greater Phoenix.






Joe Blackbourn


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