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Company Philosophy

Everest believes that adding value starts with identifying inherently good opportunities and executing on a strategy that combines creative thought and thorough analysis with a fundamentals-based approach to value creation. Everest adds value during each phase of the investment lifecycle by uncovering attractive investment opportunities through its strong network of market relationships, performing thorough due diligence, optimizing the capital structure for its investments, combining creativity with discipline in its capital investment plans, providing focused, hands-on asset management and executing well-timed and well-marketed divestitures.

Everest recognizes the cyclical nature of real estate and views real estate as a commodity with windows to buy, hold and sell. Everest begins with the foundation that prudent and profitable investment alternatives can be achieved throughout cycles. Everest's approach is to anticipate market movements shifting from asset class to asset class, as market conditions warrant.

Everest believes in aligning its interests with those of its investment partners by placing its own capital at risk on every transaction and receiving its returns only when its partners receive theirs. Everest executives think like owners because they are owners–all of Everest's executives are principals.

Everest believes that a successful business relies upon the recruitment and retention of outstanding individuals who are engaged, motivated and excited about giving each investment their fullest contribution. Everest employees are among the most talented in the real estate industry and are stakeholders in the investments the company manages.


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